Peter Bellerby /// The Globemaker

Peter Bellerby /// The Globemaker

Director: Arran Busk & Jamie McGregor Smith

The Globemaker gained a huge amount of exposure online when it was released 2 years ago. It quickly gathered more than 100,000 views and received a vimeo staff pick! Over this summer there was a resurgence in its popularity as it was posted on numerous blogs which took the view count beyond 225,000. This is a testament to the engaging storytelling and interesting subject matter.

This video was shot over a two week period at different stages of the globe-making process. It was co-directed by PEEP’s Charles Arran Busk and Jamie McGregor Smith. The video was recently revisited by our in-house colourist who enjoyed bringing out the rich colours and textures. The Soundtrack is by Rene La Vice.

There are only two known artisans currently practicing traditional handcrafted globe making. Peter not only produces globes for the commercial market, but also collaborates with artists including Yinka Shonibare.

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