Nothing but the beat

Nothing but the beat

Director: Arran Busk

The infectiously catchy melody of this track is overpowering and initiates a strong compulsion to dance. And that was its impact upon our protagonist of this music video - When she hears this song she has to find somewhere to dance.

This music video showcases both the producing talents of new disco producing duo, Oh Yeah, and the dancing abilities of Bethany Edebiri. We shot this in an abandoned factory in Islington where the derelict rooms were flooded in top lit natural daylight. This provided the perfect backdrop to contrast with the disco getup Bethany was wearing (styled by Leekim Chang). The delicate pastel colors’ have been beautifully enhanced by our in-house colorist showing that shooting 800GB of raw footage is very much worthwhile!

This was the second outing for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Ronin and it proved to be the perfect combination in this movement heavy, energetic piece.

An interesting aspect of this grade was the conflict between the vibrant colours and movement of Bethany’s dancing counterposed with the derelict ramshackle backdrop. To further emphasise this contrast I used a great deal of keys, tracks, shapes and LUTS to create one look for the factory and another for the dancer while balancing both in the same shot to keep them within the same world.

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