Dan Cole – Coated with Love

Dan Cole - Coated with Love

Director: Arran Busk

Craft films are something we’ve always been fascinated by at PEEP. Its incredibly rewarding to find people who are extremely skilled within their sphere of expertise and then tell their story by means of a short film.

Dan Cole is a custom painter and coatings specialist based in Peckham. Together we made ‘Coated with Love’, a short documentary style piece showcasing Dan’s exceptional talent and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to adding coatings to all manner of surfaces big or small.

Making this short was our first time using both the 2.5k Blackmagic Cinema Camera and the DJI Ronin. This posed a few challenges with the longer workflows associated with RAW shooting and also getting used to balancing the gimbal of the Ronin. But these small challenges only served to increase the satisfaction we felt when we reviewed the finished product. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera’s RAW capabilities give a huge amount of latitude in post and this helped our in-house colorist give a beautiful naturalistic look to the video. The film was edited in Adobe premiere CC and then graded using Davinci Resolve.

Bringing out the detail and colour palette in the Dan Cole piece for the colour grade was an exciting task because of the various locations, textures and characters that featured within the film, particularly the unique patterns that Dan himself creates in his workshop which are often highly ornate and dramatic.

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