Bodega X Fred Perry ‘New Establishment’

Bodega X Fred Perry 'New Establishment'

Director: Chris Read

Chris Read was asked by his friends at Bodega and Fred Perry to create a film to communicate the concept behind their latest collection; more specifically, Punk's transition from no future to a dystopian one.

“I wanted to approach this in a multitude of ways, from the behaviour and movement of our model, the location we chose, to the in-camera and post effects created after. I wanted to combine VHS effects with data moshing to reflect the movement from past to future, and nothing to me evokes the idea of dystopia like the Thames mead estate in south London. With our protagonist rushing through this, I hoped to tell a story of discovery, both cerebral and visual.”

Chris was particularly happy with the project, which was co-produced and then graded at Cabnine, with the edit and VFX done by CR Vickers.

“The team at Cabnine delivered on all fronts, from our early discussions on concept, they were able to advise on the best crew and kit for the job and were faultless on all areas of production, I really couldn't have delivered the project without them.”

The Film was premiered on Hypebeast earlier this month.

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