Anki Overdrive

Anki Overdrive

Director: Arran Busk

This was one of our more ambitious shoots with just a three-man crew and a whole set to build! It was an early start leaving at 5am and traveling to Oxford in order to shoot Anki’s new installation for Harrods. As the installation was being moved to Harrods the following day we weren’t able to shoot in a studio space where the lighting and backdrop were completely controllable. Instead we were in a warehouse with limited space and limited control on natural light.

In order to produce the aesthetic we were looking for we constructed a set from 3 20 by 20 foot black out drapes and C stands, this gave us control over the lighting conditions and a fall off into darkness beyond the track itself. This created an air of mystery to its location and added to the reveal at the end of the video. We also used two Kino lights that were suspended over the track to give a futuristic look.

With this project we really pushed the boat out when it came to post production. The finished edit had full sound design, Grade and VFX. The sound design was used to simulate both noises you would encounter in a real world scenario (tire screeches and engines revving) and those found in the game (battling, firing rockets). We utilized VFX to add light flares to the car headlights, which brought the cars to life. We also used spotlights and masking to emphasize the reveal shot in Harrods at the end of the video. The VFX and sound design helped give a very immersive feel to the whole production, one that engages the viewer and draws them into the action.

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