London Graffiti artist veteran, Towns, was commissioned as part of the Monochrome series run by Spraydaily and sponsored by Montana, to do a quick piece… and film it.

Buying a sub £10k Cinema Camera


Tasked with finding a versatile cinema camera for being our general go-to camera, as well as suitable for documentary, music videos and fashion shoots, DOP Arran Busk talks current cameras on the Market.

ALPOHOLICS // Coming back for more


Alpoholics, a chalet company based in La Plagne, France, commissioned us to make a short film featuring British freestyle skier, Mike Rowlands. All shot on location in the Alpine ski resort this was a short shoot that produced some fantastic imagery.

Camera Test / JKP /// Against the Wall


What started out as a camera test for our newly acquired Canon C500 turned into the unofficial music video for JKP's 'Against the Wall'.

All shot at Dungeness, the slightly eery headland on the Kent coast. Here, PEEP's very own Paddy Bartram leaves the safety of being behind camera and turns on his acting for the impromptu shoot.

Beach Baby - Lost Soul


On first listen to Beach Baby's “Lost Soul” its surfy guitar sound and swooning vocals instantly transported me back to a past era in music, an out and out pop song but written in a rock band context. I could visualise the band actually playing and performing the music to me, like an old Beatles TV performance, where putting a face (and guitar) to the music was still massively exciting and fresh. I liked how the viewer was able witness first hand, the original physicality and energy that went into writing the song.

Bodega X Fred Perry 'New Establishment'


Chris Read was asked by his friends at Bodega and Fred Perry to create a film to communicate the concept behind their latest collection; more specifically, Punk's transition from no future to a dystopian one.

Nothing but the beat


The infectiously catchy melody of this track is overpowering and initiates a strong compulsion to dance. And that was its impact upon our protagonist of this music video - When she hears this song she has to find somewhere to dance.

Dan Cole - Coated with Love


Craft films are something we’ve always been fascinated by at PEEP. Its incredibly rewarding to find people who are extremely skilled within their sphere of expertise and then tell their story by means of a short film.

Gentleman's Dub Club - Bad Girl


Our latest music video ‘Bad Girl’ follows the story of an empowered and care free young inner city girl caught up in the modern world of online dating, rebellion and being every parent’s (and potentially boyfriend’s) worst nightmare. Taking the role of the ‘Bad Girl’ was Alex Weaver who brought a much needed commanding confidence to the character. With this project we wanted to involve the whole band, so each member played one of our Bad Girl’s hapless dates and a bartender!

Anki Overdrive


This was one of our more ambitious shoots with just a three-man crew and a whole set to build! It was an early start leaving at 5am and traveling to Oxford in order to shoot Anki’s new installation for Harrods. As the installation was being moved to Harrods the following day we weren’t able to shoot in a studio space where the lighting and backdrop were completely controllable. Instead we were in a warehouse with limited space and limited control on natural light.

Damselfrau - Behind the Mask


Our latest short film documents the intriguing and bizarre world of Damselfrau where the comforting shield of the mask facilitates all sorts or exciting endeavors. It was the aim of this short piece to explore not the making of the mask but the act of wearing them and the liberation it bestows on the wearer. The mask to some allows them to be themselves as the mask does the pretending for them.

Peter Bellerby /// The Globemaker


The Globemaker gained a huge amount of exposure online when it was released 2 years ago. It quickly gathered more than 100,000 views and received a vimeo staff pick! Over this summer there was a resurgence in its popularity as it was posted on numerous blogs which took the view count beyond 225,000. This is a testament to the engaging storytelling and interesting subject matter.